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For too long, the veil of mundanity has been pulled over our eyes. The truth of our world; the wonderful, horrible truths have been hidden from us. But I seek them out. And if you have found this page... then so do you.

Come. Let us seek the truth together, friend.

September 6th, 1999

WHAT I CAN SAY IS LIMITED, FELLOW SEEKERS, FOR THE SAFETY OF MY SOURCES. BUT I HAVE IT ON GOOD EVIDENCE THAT BAD ROMANCE IS ABSOLUTELY RELATED TO ALIENS. FUCK YOU TEAR IN REALITY, YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! Once I can say more I will do so... as it stands, my sources seem to be limited in the information they can provide me. Perhaps a mental block imposed on them, or a physical threat. Regardless, once I can share the truth more openly, I will. Don't stop searching! You will find it, I know it! That truth you seek!

August 30th, 1999

In the world of the occult, many things are obscured. But there is one thing that has pierced our natural veil of mundanity: BAD ROMANCE. You must have heard about it. Thousands of people, simply disappearing. It's too big a story to hide; not even the government's lapdogs are capable of covering it up. But what is Bad Romance??? We all know the basics; strange behavior, a Telephone card with strange designs and a number on the front, and then... they are simply gone. To where... no one knows. But I have a theory. Back when a fellow truth seeker was investigating the story, he gave an interesting statement from a witness on his late night radio show. I will not give it's name, in order to protect his and my identities. However.... apparently, while hanging out with their friend, the witness suddenly saw them stand up, sweating profusely. Their friend said goodbye, very suddenly. Curious... the witness tailed their friend. They say they saw them pull out a card from a distance as they approached what the witness later learned was a pay phone. Unfortuantely... a truck was parked in front of the pay phone, and the witness was a distance away, so they did not see what had transpired. After a moment, they approached the pay phone... and saw no one was there, the phone hanging off the hook.

The host of the show declined to comment on the story; saying that because of the vagueness of the ending, it was too hard to tell what had happened. The friend could have hid inside the truck, or gone in a nearby alley, or any number of things. For that, I do not blame him; to throw caution to the wind requires much courage. But I believe I know the truth... it must have been aliens. The cards must be from extra terrestial beings, who can be contacted to take you away from this planet... for what reason, I do not know. But this is not the first time the world has turned its eyes from the truth. And no matter what, I will do my best to force it to look at what we have ignored for too long. What do YOU think, fellow Seeker? Please... let me know. I will update you as much as I can in the future. See you soon....

Together, let us find the Truth that has been hidden from us for far too long. Share your Truth Below.